Disclaimer - Use these scripts at your own risk.  I recommend executing them against a test database to verify that they function properly before using them against a production instance.  If these scripts do not work as intended, contact me.  You are welcome to send me your scripts also and I will post them here, giving you full credit, if I find them useful.


as_new.sql - Information on currently active database sessions


apps_job_id_to_session_id.sql - Traces an EBS job to the corresponding database session.


apps_patch_level_query.sql - List application name, short name, and patch level in an EBS instance


blocking_sessions_new.sql - Identifies blocking sessions in RAC and non-RAC environments


blockers_and_waiters.sql - Lists which sessions are waiting and which are blocking others.


db_total_size - Displays allocated space, space consumed, and difference in MB and percentage.


sql_hc.sql - Based on the Oracle Support SQL health check script, it identifies the longest running query and performs an analysis.


userclone.sql - Generates a SQL script based on user input to clone an existing user.